Leadership, Teaching & Outreach

Graduate Student And Postdocs Society

During my graduate studies, I was a member of the Graduate Student And Postdoc Society (GAPS) organizing committee at TRIUMF. The GAPS is an organization run by graduate students and postdoctoral researchers at TRIUMF which aims to bring these groups of people together by providing professional and academic development opportunities, as well as organizing social events to promote interdisciplinary communication and networking.


Graduate Student Association

During my graduate studies, I was the VP external of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) for the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UBC. The GSA aims to maintain a community within the Physics and Astronomy Department by organizing various social events. For example, it organizes weekly pub nights, hiking trips, BBQs, and more. The GSA is also responsible for the Physics and Astronomy open house held every year at UBC. I have also had the pleasure of serving as a general member in the Equity and Inclusion committee, which aims to build a community to foster a supportive and empowering environment for underrepresented groups in the Physics and Astronomy Department.

Let's Talk Science

During my graduate studies, I was a volunteer for the Let's Talk Science (LTS) organization at UBC. LTS is a national organization which aims to motivate young people to get excited about the physical and life sciences, mathematics, engineering and technology. This is accomplished by visiting elementary school and high school classes throughout the year and presenting hands-on activities to the students which engage them both mentally and physically.

Banrock Station

International Student Volunteers

During the summer of 2011, I spent one month volunteering in Australia doing habitat restoration and tree planting with the International Student Volunteers (ISV) organization. ISV is a volunteer organisation that aims to support sustainable development initiatives around the world through volunteerism. In collaboration with a small group of volunteers and local residents, my group and I were able to repair 300 m of fence, maintain 1 km of boardwalk, monitor the quality of water for 32 hours, construct and rehabilitate 272 square metres of trail, survey the health of 120 trees, search for rabbit warrens for 18 hours, and plant more than 600 trees. I would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone interested in giving back to our environment and living new and exciting international experiences.